Business Videos

“A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.” Grouch Marks

Odd what you can find on the good old Internet! Here are some business related videos, courtesy of YouTube. Enjoy!

As a postscript this is what Geoff has to say about this clip …..

“I’m really touched that people have found my video important enough to comment on but there is a misunderstanding. Firstly of course this is a joke but there is a point and it is not a failing of the employee but a failure of the boss (me!) to share the bigger picture with his people. What I was trying to say is that command and control no longer works – every manager or boss needs to sit down with all their people, exchange ideas and clearly explain the goals.”

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Selling Skills ….. from Robert De Niro

Cruel? But we all know someone like this.