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This is a collection of books that have either inspired start-ups or been recommended as excellent sources of information. Thanks to our association with AMAZON you may securely order any of these books via our site. Just click on the links for each book title to order.

‘Go it Alone’ by Geoff Burch

We can’t recommend this book enough. Very stimulating, humorous and full of inspiring anecdotes. Even if you are not going to go self-employed you will find it worth every penny!

‘Book-keeping the Right Way’ by John G.White- Venables

New edition of this book aimed at the self-employed, ‘small business’ man or the treasurer of any club or voluntary organisation. It explains the principles of correct book-keeping simply and in logical sequence; how to deal with VAT; how to use the figures in your books for estimating future cash flow, and for calculating your overheads, and more.

‘Resistance is Useless – the Art of Business Persuasion’ By Geoff Burch

Another one by one of our favourite authors. Honestly, we don’t get any commission! Selling skills can be one of the hardest tasks to conquer for start up businesses. This book gives lots of tips and ideas in the authors’ relaxed and humorous style.

Going Self-employed: How to Start Out in Business on Your Own – and succeed! by Steve Gibson

This book gives practical guidance and useful tips which should help anyone grow their business. It should be a part of any business persons survival kit. 

Useful Books We Recommend