‘3 Good Reasons to Use Customised Displays.’

Exhibition stands that have been custom-made will dramatically increase your chances of a successful advertising campaign.  Standard display stands will certainly do what they are supposed to, but they will be totally inadequate when it comes to reflecting the individuality of your business. Marler Haley (an exhibitions stand supplier) offer quality pop up stands and displays that can be customised for your needs.

This is exactly why so many companies will choose to have a tailor-made exhibition stand for their shows.  A customised display will be put together around your very own specific requirements.  And this includes its artwork, graphics, parts and overall size.  Purpose-built stands will help to attract an optimal amount of visitors to your display.

However, there are also a number of other good reasons why customised stands are such a wise choice.  Here are 3 of the main ones –


1.Easy Assembly


Most customised stands will be very straightforward when it comes to putting them together.  And if you are planning on having a large amount of displays, then this is a very big bonus indeed!  Of course, just how simple its assembly is will be dependent on the type of stand that you choose.  A banner stand, for instance is one of the easiest kinds of all to assemble.  But if a display has been built around your own specifications, then you are going to have a pretty good idea of how each of the components fit together.


2.Great Portability


Customised stands are normally designed with a large emphasis on portability.  And the vast majority of these portable display boards will even come with their very own special carry case or bag.  This makes them incredibly simple to move around.  And this is a real blessing if you are attending a large number of trade fairs or exhibitions.


3.Room for Variation

Custom-built stands can also be designed with variety at their core.  Basically this will mean you are able to set out your display slightly differently each time you put on a show.  This could mean variations with your graphics and artwork or changing the entire layout of your display.  And this can be a very effective way of keeping your visitors interested in your stand.

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