“The mind is like a stomach. It’s not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests.” Albert Nock

Like what you see and read?

Then, we are available to hire – well, we have to earn a crust! While we think the sessions are fun and inspiring, don’t take our word for it – this is what previous start-ups have said (and we didn’t pay for these!) about the sessions:

“This made a daunting task possible – my dream can become a reality” Beverly Anderson. Landscape Designer

“Thanks, thanks, thanks, for the patience and information. But most of all the sense of fun to inspire all of us in our group to start” Harry McGladdery. MD SA Connect

“I never realised what being self-employed entailed. I will stay employed – thanks anyway!” (Just as much an outcome to us if clients decide self-employment is not for them) “Please bottle up and sell that inspiration in the sessions – I will need it!” Sarah Morgan of Bossy Boots.

“Practical and realistic – and always approachable” Russell Lewis of Photogenix photolab.

“Many thanks for the help, humour and genuine support” Norman C Taylor Educational trainer.

We can offer: Introduction to Self-Employment. This is a one day session designed for those considering self-employment and would like to assess the implications and issues. Very interactive session that has helped those that attend take the first tentative steps to starting their own business. It is suitable for firms that are making staff redundant – rather than just help them with CV writing, why not let them check out the self-employed option?

Start Up Course For those that have decided to start and need to put a business plan together. Explore the legislation, finance, marketing and operations issues when starting up. Duration is from 3 to 5 days depending on clients. Also incorporates one to one follow up support. Start Up Coaching One to One geared to the individual with levels of support and guidance tailored to your requirements. Ranging from assistance producing your plan, presentation to coaching and tips through to sales guidance.

Rates? Email us Start Business was formed by Steve Gibson in 1992 and has helped hundreds (or is it thousands?) of people to start their own business. Start Business works closely with a variety of start-up organisations and individuals. Our favourite expression is, ‘I’d like to start my own business.’ Would you prefer One to One focused sessions? Work with someone to help you develop your business? Need to see the wood from the trees in your business? Need some independent, focused, impartial expert advice. Fancy some help from someone who has ‘been there and done it – got the T shirt ….. and even written a book!’ Want a down to earth, no-nonsense approach to help your business?

Together, we will establish clear objectives, outcome and fees – which are very competitive, agreed up front and depend on your requirements.

Contact Us or Call 07894 867 667 and we can have an informal chat about how we can help you.

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